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Are you confused and need assistance choosing new garage doors or maintaining them? Check out these tips

Making garage doors hurricane-proof

We at garage door repair company in Oakdale believe that it is possible for you to avoid the worst effects of a mild hurricane. Make sure that the initial product is rated for this kind of weather. Most of the coding was changed six years ago so older doors may require an upgrade, a wise investment.

Opening electronic garage doors manually

You can operate even if the power is off. First disconnect the electronic opener when the door is in a closed position. Use the manual levers to go up and down as required. There is a security risk during this period so you should check the power supply regularly and turn on the opener expediently.

Know your garage door

Our experts always advice on knowing the door that is purchased and installed. It is important for homeowners to read the user manual before operating the door. It also helps, to identify the maintenance procedures for the door and helps in knowing the cleaning and upkeep methods.

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