Gate Repair

If you have a driveway or residential gate that doesn't seem to work properly, you can call us today to arrange expert gate repair. We can bring any gate design back to full working order.

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If your gate refuses to move, react or do anything at all, you'll very likely be dealing with an issue that requires professional troubleshooting and gate repair. The first thing a professional would do is check that basic electrical power components are working correctly. The batteries in the clicker or remote may be flat, or the breaker could be out. The problem might not be with your opener but with the power supply. An important step would be to try and plug in a different piece of equipment into the gates outlet to test if this is in fact the issue.

Remote malfunction

Security Gates RepairIf the power supply if fine, the problem could be with the functionality of your remote. Like anything else, all remotes and clickers have a time limit on how long they are likely to work before an aspect of their circuitry fails. You may have accidently gotten it wet at some point, or dropped it from high enough to cause some internal damage. If it still does not seem to activate at all after changing the batteries for brand new ones, it will likely need to be replaced or reprogrammed.

Transmission issues 

In some cases the gate is not moving because it's not receiving the instruction from your remote. If you have an antenna, moving it higher and away from any other metal objects could help to allow the signal to be property transmitted. If the signal components are working, you should be able to hear clicks from the opener or receiver whenever you send a command. If you hear a clicking, it means the issue is not a transmission issue. In this case the gate is likely being held back by a mechanical or battery failure.

Professional gate repair

The troubleshooting process for many types of sophisticated gate can be a long and tedious process. Garage Door Repair Oakdale can provide a thorough examination of your gates present condition and identify the exact cause of its malfunction. We can also ensure your gate repairs are executed perfectly to bring your gate back to pristine working order. Call us today for expert consultation.  

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